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Is it a good idea for two moms to blog together

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I know of a few moms who blog together and it is a great arrangement. I've heard of some that dissolve but I don't know if it was a mutual thing because they were ready to move on to the next thing or if it was a bad ending.

For me, I now have four women, whom I consider friends and two of them I didn't even know until they started helping me. They all contribute to my blog and it is working well.


I absolutely think two moms can blog together and think it may be beneficial to both. I know, for me, everything for my blog relies solely on my shoulders, If you have someone you are working with, that responsibility is on you both.

I would only blog with someone that I trust and get along with as to avoid any problems.


i guess t depends on what the nature of the blog is... I am a contributing writer to my friends blog...and we have not had any problems so far. I do not see why there would be problems unless there is anything you foresee!

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Is it a good idea for two moms to blog together
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