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Is it normal to have no pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks

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A few pregnant women are blessed with having no typical signs or symptoms of pregnancy. I for one am one of the few who literally only has a missed period for my entire pregnancy. This has happened for all four of my pregnancies and three miscarriages.

I'm currently pregnant with baby #4 and I've actually gotten used to the reaction of other moms asking me how I'm doing. I tell them I'm doing well and I'm enjoying my forth symptom free pregnancy; no morning sickness, no nausea, no swelling, no indigestion, no high blood pressure or anything. Needless to say the other moms at this time are looking quite disgusted (I'm assuming they were like my sister who was sick all 9 months) and then they leave me alone with my three beautiful children so we can finish shopping, playing at the park or whatever we are doing.

I wish you a continued happy and symptom free pregnancy.


Yes, I am sitting at 4 weeks and a day. NO symptoms no nothing just a missed period and big fat positive sign :)

a long time ago

Absolutely. It is completely normal to have no pregnancy symptoms at four weeks. I have been pretty blessed to have a mostly symptom-free pregnancy aside from about a week and a half of morning sickness.

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Is it normal to have no pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks
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