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When to buy kiddy swimming pool for babies

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I think when baby is sitting well enough on their own it is fine to start using a kiddy swimming pool . We have a pool for the 5 and 6 year old boys but I actually was concerned about it being to full for the baby and then having to worry about them nocking him over or splashing him to much . Since I didn't have swim diaper at the time I used a big Rubbermaid container and set it in the shade and filled it with just enough water for him to be able to splash in .He had a blast and it was a perfect size for him and I just sat next to him while he played . I think I will use I for him for awhile , then the big boys can play and splash away and not worry about the baby


Kiddie pools are great for babies! Since my daughter was born in the fall, she didn't get into a kiddie pool until she was about 9 months old. I'm worry wart when my daughter is around pools and water. Please sit in the pool with your child and keep a close eye on them. As for the age, my daughter would have been ready about 6 months old. She was able to sit and play at that stage. They enjoy splashing, playing with balls, and a few boats wouldn't hurt either.

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When to buy kiddy swimming pool for babies
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