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Migraine during recovery: should I use Tylenol or something else?

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If you are nursing ask your dr before taking anything. If not then I take excedrin migraine. when you take a nap take it in a dark room when an ice pack wraped in a towel behind your neck and a hot pad over your eyes. Drinks lots and lots of water yes you will pee a lot but when I have one I drink at least 6 32oz water bottles before noon... and another 6 before bed... it helps. and I make is super cold. Watch what your eating. Stay away from processed foods... Also for me it helps to drink and enjoy a coke or two. The caffinne really helps me.


I take Relpax which is related to imitrex. I have also taken tylenol, ibuprofen, and zoloft (for nausea). I have an ice pack on and I am drinking caffeine.


I've only ever had a couple and that was bad enough for me. The only thing that helped was laying down and sleeping. I resorted to Tylenol or Advil I think once because I just couldn't take it anymore. My girls have found Frankincense essential oil works for their migraines, plus watching what they eat as they reacted to artificial flavors and preservatives.

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Migraine during recovery: should I use Tylenol or something else?
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