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Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children: autism

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There is no proof that vaccines cause autism. Getting vaccinated is the best protection your children have against disease. My daughter has never missed a vaccine and she has never had a reaction. If you wait until they start kindergarten to get vaccinated you can get a vaccine catch up scheduler. From birth until 18 we need to vaccinate our children for the protection of our community and schools. Remember OUTBREAKS still happen..


I've been hearing this question and see this information a lot all over. Will vaccines give my child autism? Here's another research study that says No.

now 1 in every 10 parents are refusing essential vaccines.

getting several vaccines on one day will not lead into autism.

As the parent you need to weigh out the good over the bad.

I'm a believer in vaccines and my daughter is currently caught up with your age.


I just read a couple articles about how in some cities, parents who have un-vaccinated children that have contracted the disease that they refused a vaccine for do not have the right to send their children to school while they're sick, to prevent further spread. This goes for vaccinated siblings or family members or anyone who goes to the same school and who got the illness from exposure. Many parents are upset about this, talking about how vaccines cause autism, or not wanting vaccines for religious reasons, or any other number of things. All the schools I've been to, religious or not, had it as an un-bendable requirement that every student must be up-to-date in their shots/vaccines at registration or they wouldn't be allowed to attend that school year. I tend to trust my doctors, so I am in favor of vaccinations. I don't know if we should force kids to get their shots in order to go to school, but if they catch the very disease they could have prevented? Yeah, keep them home until they're over it.


For me, there are MANY more reasons to vaccinate than there are to not...

A huge divide in the argument is that the vaccines cause other conditions like autism. I do not believe the research is strong enough, but even if it did cause autism, I would much MUCH rather have a child on the autism spectrum than lose my child to a completely preventable disease. There are so many diseases that can be prevented if children are vaccinated.

Basically I will absolutely vaccinate my children, I believe the research isn't thorough enough to cause me to not want to.


My son who's 5 has autism. He was born with autism. I don't believe at all that vaccinations cause autism. We have always made sure he was up to date with his shots.


There is no conclusive evidence that vaccinations cause Autism in the first place. There really is no legitimate relationship between the two. There have been studies done but nothing conclusive to say they are related. And I agree there is so much more to it than that. There are many kids out there who would and have autism regardless of their vaccination choices.


While the only study linking autism and vaccines has been proven to be a falsified study it hasn't been proven the two aren't linked. Personally, I don't think they are. I would lean towards the amount or processing and preservatives in our food for a cause of increasing autism rates.

But at this point I feel it is far more important to vaccinate me child. The risks of the diseases that we vaccinate against are exponentially higher than the risks from the vaccines.


I personally do not want to to vaccinate my children on the schedule provided.

In doing research, I have found that there actually are documented cases where vaccinating all at once, in adults, has caused terrible side-effects. No studies have been done on children, and most of the tests done on children and vaccinations are done on those children ages 4 and up.

As for the autism-vaccination "link" I do believe, from my studies, that it exists. But it is just that. It's a link. Not causal.

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Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children: autism
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