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Help for underweight babies

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This is one of the subjects i have a hard time trusting doctors for.. Some babies are just small, they don't register or register low on the charts, but are perfectly healthy in every other way.

Some good fats are avocado and coconut oil and Real butter.


Usually nursing more frequently and longer so baby can get more hind milk than fore milk. One thing to remember with breast fed babies is they absorb and digest breast milk easily and quickly. That's why it is so important to nurse on demand. I found nursing through the night helped my babies gain weight or most of them, rather than having them sleep through the night at an early age.

Some times doctors will suggest supplementing with formula.

Some times doctors will say weird things like feed your baby vegetable oil or pancakes, etc. as they did with my second. I never did that again, by the way.

My mother's generation would start baby cereal. It all depends on who you ask.

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Help for underweight babies
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