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Is taking prenatal vitamins but not pregnant safe

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Not only is taking prenatal vitamins when not pregnant safe, it is actually recommended if you're of child bearing age, sexually active, and especially if you're trying to conceive. If you don't take a full prenatal supplement, taking folic acid is highly recommended because baby needs this for neural tube development before most women even realize they're pregnant.

It's like a spiffy multivitamin and is great for your body, hair, and nails.

I know the prenatals I was using (Rainbow Lite.. Rainbow Brite... Something like that) had more vitamins and minerals than any other women's multivitamin I've seen and they were food-based, which I liked.


I was told by my doctor to take prenatal while preparing to get pregnant and then continue while pregnant. She said there isn't a reason to take them for any other reason because a Multivitamin is enough if your not planning or preparing for a baby.


Prenatal vitamins are good to take if you're trying to get pregnant, I would recommend you start by taking a 1,000mg of folic acid which helps tell your body to prepare for baby. Then I started taking a GNC Women's Prenatal Formula with Iron, which has Folic acid in it, and not too long after I was pregnant. I'm still taking the vitamins too. I'm also taking 1,000mg of flaxseed oil for omega-3.


I have been taking prenatal vitamins for a LONG time. I started about a year before we started trying, and continue to take them. My doctor recommended taking them while breastfeeding and I just never stopped.

In my eyes, they're glorified multivitamins and can only be unsafe if you overdose on them.

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Is taking prenatal vitamins but not pregnant safe
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