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Moms, how do you feel about minivans

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I LOVE my minivan. I loved my Town and Country more than I do my Windstar.. but then, my Town and Country got 30 mpg. LOL And it seems so much smaller with car seats in it! But for how big my husband is and how many kids we have, we have decided a minivan is the best fit with gas mileage, too.


When my husband and I first started dating I told him I would never have a minivan. We've recently talked about buying a new car and while talking about the different types he looked at me and said I know not to get you a minivan lol. For some reason I just do not like them. Even though they are not good for the environment, and gas is so expensive, I love trucks and suv's .

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Moms, how do you feel about minivans
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