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What to expect with a miscarriage and d&c

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When I miscarried I had the option of allowing the fetus to pass naturally or to have a d&c. I knew I wouldn't be able to handle doing it at home so I opted for the d&c.

I had a son at home and I didn't need him feeling sad or knowing what was going on. Inside I was dying inside.

I bled for about a week after the procedure, which was always a reminder of what I had gone through.


I didn't have a choice in either of my d & cs I was bleeding far too much

I had four out of six miscarriages without a d & c. I've had three miscarriages at home and three in the hospital.

You have to have a certain tolerance and level of knowledge to go through a miscarriage at home. I don't recommend it for everyone.

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What to expect with a miscarriage and d&c
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