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When can you start using baby lotion

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We actually waited a few weeks to start using lotion on Monroe. For sure we let his umbilical cord stink fall off.. Then I kind of monitored his skin to get a feel for what it naturally was like.. Probably sounds fung but I was then able to see if he had naturally dry, oily, sensitive skin etc.. Within a few weeks we started using Aveeno with Lavendar and we love it! His doctor compliments his skin all the time saying how soft it is. We also make sure to always watch for any changes. Monroe has very sensitive skin and this has worked so great! Give some a try and go from there!


you can start right after birth just use a small amount like pea sized. I love the smell of Johnson and Johnson lotions but my boys get bad rash from them. I stay away from them but I use a eon, eucerin, cetaphil and Shea moisture baby lines

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When can you start using baby lotion
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