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Teenage moms, did you have your parents' help?

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I was on my own, working and going to school.... my parents were supportive, but knew that I could do it on my own. Looking back, I probably should have asked for more help, and it would have been nice if more was offered. All that being said, if you are, or if you know a teenage mother who is honestly trying her best, be supportive please!


I do have my dads support not my mothers. I don't talk to my mother and she doesn't talk to me so we leave it at that. My dad is helping and supporting me but I have my baby's dad to help more than my dad. But if I ever need it he's there. I also have my sister who has been through this & can help me out as much as she can.


Yes I did for a while. Most of it was for attention for the person helping to make it look good for them. After a couple months it was all me, a single mother. I really didn't care to have help because when I got help, I would get belittled about it. Being a single mom has been tough but definitely worth all of it.


didn't have my parents' help. My boyfriend( their dad) figured everything out on our own. I've been around babies my whole life and helped raise some relatives so I knew what to except. My mother didn't help me one bit but I thank her for that. By not helping me she taught us that we can make it without others help.

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Teenage moms, did you have your parents' help?
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