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Moms, what's your favorite form of exercise?

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I've decided to come up with a solution to spend quality time with my daughter while both of us get our exercise: we're going to do it together. Instead of just having her play, I'm going to come up with games and routines that we can do together that help us both stay healthy. And when we're at the park, I'm going to be the one instigating her to play and I'm going to play with her on the playground. I'm gonna climb, run, jump, skip, etc., so I get a workout and she gets to have fun with mommy!


I've done the Stroller Moms, and it was nice to exercise with other moms. Now when my youngest naps, I do P90x while my son does it next to me. I think it's important to for kids to see you exercising. It's an important component for a healthy lifestyle at any age.

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Moms, what's your favorite form of exercise?
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