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Is teething at 4 months normal

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Yes, it is completely normal. Babies begin teething between 3-6 months. However, some babies teeth earlier than that while others teeth later. I got my first bottom teeth at two months. My son was 5 months when his bottom teeth started showing.


I was blessed with 3 really great sleepers right from the beginning, but all of them did a complete reversal when they started teething! For Mason that was around 4 months, Audrey around 6, and Hayden was the earliest - she started teething (and stopped sleeping) at about 3 months


My daughter eats a lot less when she is teething too, and it feels like she has been teething since about 4 months on.


My little Peyton is only 4 months old and he is already working on teeth #3 & 4!


i think my 4 month old is starting to teeth he is miserable and unconsolable

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Is teething at 4 months normal
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