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Why is my baby very hungry after formula?

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Hmm.. a few things could be happening here.. one main one is that he/she is still very hungry and it's time to "bump" them up a half ounce! We have had to do this many times since we switched Monroe to formula and you can just kind of "tell" when they start to need more! One way we also dictate whether we should "bump" him up.. is how often he gets hungry again between feedings! If he's not remotely lasting 2-3 hours and gets cranky and hungry much much faster.. added on top of that, that he cries or seems super hungry after he just finished a bottle, then it's time to add some more and fill him up :) If you think about it, they are growing ALL the time and constantly need food in their tummies to do so. They cannot tell us WHEN they need more so you have to tune into their cues :)

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Why is my baby very hungry after formula?
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