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What beauty products can't you live without, Mom?

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I have to have something on my lips... not lipsticks (not a fan of those) but chapsticks and lipgloss..I love Original Carmex lip balm and they are good for year around.I cannot find a lipgloss I absolutely love!

I dont know if it considers a beauty product but I have to carry around small lotion ( I love BBW, VS, Jergens, Eucerin)


Very many cool colours to choose from 2 in-one lipstick + Gloss!


I ALWAYS have something on my lips, whether it be chapstick, balm, oil, gloss, something.

My favorites are- Blistex Silk & Shine and also their Five Star, plain ol' strawberry or peppermint Chapstick brand, and Kiss My Face. That and the 10 (12?)-hour lipstain that I can't seem to find anymore that comes in a lipgloss tube.


I have found that Beauty Control worked well for me when I had the extra money. I have acne really bad. That was the ONLY treatment that I found to work on my skin. They have a variety of skin care products.

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What beauty products can't you live without, Mom?
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