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Mom, do you have a chore schedule

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I still keep my monthly and seasonal chore lists in the page protectors in the binder, but the daily and weekly chores have a new home.

I have a big board in my kitchen with a magnet board, a pen holder, and four 5x7-ish picture frames glued to it.

One frame holds daily chores like water plants, wipe off counters, make the bed, do a load of laundry etc...

The second has weekly chores like thoroughly wipe appliances, mop, deodorize the mattress, wash sheets, etc.


We have to or else nothing will get done and since I am working I no longer have time to do it all myself. We have things scheduled for the weekend too and extra chores for each day. It's never as clean as my husband and I would like but that's what happens when children are doing most of the work.

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Mom, do you have a chore schedule
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