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Decorating ideas for a very small baby room

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Before Ed bought the house we're in now, we were in a one bedroom house. It also had a small room that we had planned to use for the nursery. It was small. I mean really small. It probably would have fit a crib and a stool and that's about it. So I had to get creative with how to decorate with such little space. My ideas led me to bringing everything up off the floor. Shelves up high, pretty much everything off the floor, and a clothes rack. I would have to hang clothes up because there was no room for a dresser, but shelves for that would also come in handy.

I actually liked the idea and have used it in the bigger nursery he's in now because it means that once he really starts crawling, there's less furniture to bolt down and less that he can pull onto the floor.

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Decorating ideas for a very small baby room
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