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What is the best vibrating bouncer for baby

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Ah.. to heck with the bouncer! Want to know the best swing/bouncer/bassinet for a tiny new baby? It's called the MamaRoo, Mamas.. and it's amazing! Granted, it's pricier than most swings.. but so worth the splurge! It has 5 different natural motions that you would find yourself swaying to with your baby.. 5 different white noise sounds that you can keep on FOREVER - no batteries - you plus this baby in! Also, you can hook your iWHATEVER up to it.. amazing! It was magic with Monroe.. he would probably still love it.. but he's too mobile and it's off the ground quite a ways.. look it up! :)


My kids have been in many, many different vibrating bouncers. I think the best ones are the ones that have music and vibration. Some of them recline and have a toy bar with hanging toys on it as well. I wouldn't spend too much on a bouncer. They're not in them that long.

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What is the best vibrating bouncer for baby
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