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What to do with baby when mom is taking a bath?

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Charlie loves taking baths so I take advantage of that and bring him into the bathtub with me. When he's all done I hand him off to daddy and finish up my bath. But when daddy isn't home, I bring his walker (or jumper, or a blanket and some toys) into the bathroom with me and let him keep himself busy while I'm there. If your baby is too young for that, I would wait until nap time is here, put the baby monitor in the bathroom and take some time for yourself :


When they are tiny, the bassinet gets taken in the bathroom where they can see me and I can see them-unless I wait for nap time. It'll just kinda progress from there.. Once they start crawling I usually find a way to lock them in the bathroom or at least put a baby gate at the top of the stairs.

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What to do with baby when mom is taking a bath?
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