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I love my son but he can really tire me out some times.I can't wait for him to turn 2 so he can go to the early head start program. And learn potty training there to.It goes from 7am to 1 pm. Or from 1 pm to 5 pm. Normally I get personal time between 12pm and 2 in the morning.I do exercising for about a hour or more. And it makes me feel so much better. I try doing it 3 to 4 times a week.


I look forward to doctor appointments, because that means I get to drop off my children with their great nanna. Some days, I'll need a break and she'll watch them, too. but doctor appointments are days I have on my calendar that I really look forward to.

Two more years until my oldest goes to school!


Some days if Malachi has eaten and pooped and had milk I'll put him in his crib when Elianna naps so I can take a short nap. Normally he falls asleep but sometimes he lays in there and babbles away to himself. Sometimes I feel so guilty but I need rest some days!
I can't wait for the days when Malachi and Elianna come to our bed during thunder storms.
If I really need a break I'll turn on the wiggles. He loves that show! I hate plopping him in front of the tv but sometimes I have to!


Mom to mom Bentley sleeps with me at night when I'm home alone, I guess I'm over anxious I feel like he's safer with me or something


Mom to mom confession!!! OH BOY here it goes!!!

I had hide in the shower to eat a piece of candy( maybe a whole bar)


Once at the gas station, I turned off the car and put my keys in my purse...or so I thought. I got out, filled up the tank, and when I went to get into my car, I couldn't. My keys were still in the ignition! Nina was in her back seat, looking confused about why mommy was just standing by the door not coming in...and I started to panic. I called my husband, who has a key, but I had the car so he had to run all the way up to the gas station!

the fire truck got there before my husband, loud sirens and all, parking their bigass truck in the street and blocking an entire lane, which of course caused a lot of commotion and made me feel like a horrible mom because at this point nina was crying very loudly in her seat, people were staring, and the fire fighters were working on the door....when suddenly arrives my poor, sweaty, panting husband with a key.

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