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Mom to the rescue: your child being bullied

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If your child is being bullied you absolutely should step in and let the school administration know. Also, ask them how they plan to deal with the situation. In middle school my daughter had to deal with a boy who was just mean and nasty to her all the time. She tried talking to him, ignoring him and telling the teacher. When he smacked her in the face and nothing was done about it I had to step in. I wanted either her moved from the class or him moved from the class or I was going to pull he rout of the school. Luckily the administration was willing to work with us on this issue. So if your child is being bullied PLEASE be proactive if they cannot stop it on their own.


Being from a entire different state can always be different for children going to a new school. NJ to GA is a big culture shock and has been hard on my children. Just recently my son kept being called "gay". He had two earings in his ear..(which is the norm in NJ) The kid kept calling him gay and hitting his stomach. Well my son told the attendant and nothing was done. So of course my son had enough and hit back. My son then got caught and got in trouble. I told the principal that I reported this child bullying my son several times and nothing was done. Well they finally moved my son from that area. Well again..this child seeks out to find my son. My son came home one day saying I need these earings out, he demanded them out and kept getting upset about it. So i took them out. Well the reason he wanted them out is because this kid kept picking on him. Well...i had enough! mama bear comes out! I went to the school and spoke with 3 different teachers demanding this child be repremanded for his behaviour. They said they would handle it accordingly. Apparently this is a "troubled kid" that is always getting in trouble so they just ignore him. Well he has messed with the wrong one. My son is now doing fine and not being bullyed. This kid doesnt bother him anymore. Sometimes you have to meet face to face with a teacher to get things done.

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Mom to the rescue: your child being bullied
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