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Tips for mom to stop yelling at child

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Almost every mom has yelled at her child at one point or another. We're all human and it's easy to lose our tempers.

With that said, there are ways we can reduce or stop our yelling. The most important thing to remember is that we're our children's role models. This means they observe us and copy our behavior whether we like it or not.

Try not to let whatever's stressing you out get you to the point of yelling. If and when you do start to yell, literally stop, take a deep breath and slowly count to 10. If you need to, go in the bathroom alone and close the door. Sit in there for a few minutes until you can calm down.

Also keep in mind that it's easy for kids to become scared if their parents are yelling at them. The kids may yell back in return, run away, hide, or cry. Yelling often makes a bad situation worse.

If you still end up losing your cool, please do apologize for yelling. Give hugs and kisses afterward and reassure them that they're safe. Kids need to see that even parents aren't perfect.

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Tips for mom to stop yelling at child
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