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Baby is too attached to mommy and daddy

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My oldest is 2 yr old and when either one is missing out of he's site he becomes very sentimental and start asking why his daddy gone or mommy gone, that we don't love him! Hopefully he changes because school is where he's heading next yr.


Payton was and is a Daddy's girl, she is also a Momma's girl, it just depends on the day with her, however we both get dropped like a hat whenever she sees my dad her Papa!!! Madilynn loves her Daddy and "talks" with him whenever he is home, but she has a stronger bond with me if she is sleeping when I get home from work she wakes up as soon as she hears my voice and begins to look for me. My mom watched her while Payton was at school and I had an meeting for work. Nana told that she had just woken up from a nap just before I got home and she was content with nana and was "talking" but as soon she saw "Mum-ma" she smiled from ear to ear and reached for me to get her. I don't feel that a baby can too attached that is how they express the love they feel.


When baby starts to realize the world is bigger than her, she needs reassurance from you. That is why baby gets "Clingy" You are her sole caregiver, besides her dad, but she/he sees you most during the day. don't scold your baby or make her feel upset about her behavior. When dropping baby off to another caregiver, explain what is about to happen, praise her for her efforts and talk often about the caregiver and spend as much time with that person so baby gets use to a new face. Try to socialize baby too, like the park, play dates, shopping ect.


No matter how much time daddy spent with the kids they preferred me. No matter what. It's normal for kids to have an attachment to one parent over the other. They loved their daddy but wanted me near. It phases. Still to this day there's nothing like mama for them.

I felt badly for their dad. Must feel awful to have your children cry when left with you every time. Even though its not personal it can fee pretty rotten.


Mason and Audrey are both very attached to me and my husband, but as they have grown we are now able to explain to them that we are leaving them with a babysitter and will be back when they wake up (or whenever we are going to be back) and they understand and can say goodbye without tears.


Anna is super attached to her dad since he has mostly raised her. She's been warming up to me very well since we've all been living together. Before when he would leave she'd cry for him and say dada now she has no problem staying with me.

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Baby is too attached to mommy and daddy
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