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How do you feel about taking baby in a bath with mommy?

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Nina's getting too big for the plastic baby bath tub we usually use. So, we decided to try a big girl bath for the first time. I filled up some nice warm-hot water (she's like her mommy, she gets unhappy if the water isnt almost scalding) in the tub so it would go up to the top of her tummy, baby bath soap bubbles included, and we proceeded with bath time.

Now, I am covered in water and bubbles, but she had an absolute blast even though she was unsure at first. I had to keep a tight hold on her so she wouldn't slide her butt around and potentially dunk herself, but once I used my free hand to show her how to splash the water, she started squeaking, shrieking, and splashing and smiling...it was chaos, but fun.

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How do you feel about taking baby in a bath with mommy?
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