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Moms! Tips for raising boys?

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Get used to lots of noise and craziness especially if you have more than one . Lots of physical activity is a must so they can get out all their wild energy . They love dirt and all things messy at least when they are little . They fight and bug each other but if anyone else messes with their brother you better watch out !!


Give them lots to do. Boredom can cause boys to get into mischief. Mine tease their siblings, take things apart, make a mess in general....not how we want them spending their time.

Lots of physical activity.

Teach them responsibility.


So what I find that works for my boy is a strong sense order, love, and repetition.Discipline cannot be lacking with a child like mine. Modern methods that include optional consequences work very well for him however.Helping him realize that losing his "like" can be the only consequence he suffers tends to be very effective in inspiring him to take more control of his impulses.We have lots of hugs and love in our house every day. Cause you have to have those when "the smoke clears".

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Moms! Tips for raising boys?
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