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Moms, how to explain gays and lesbians to children

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I think for a little kid it would be just as simple as saying “Some women and some men love each other thy same way mommy and daddy do, and that's okay.”

As they get older, I would probably try to explain these sorts of things to them also, that gay and straight aren't a dichotomy in the real world and many of us are a mix of both, even if only slightly.

It's normal and acceptable to be or become anyone you want to be and it's good to love the people around you for who you are.


In our family we have quite a large number of gays and lesbians.

I will simply tell them that some women like women and some men like men. Or others like women and men. I'll let them know its alright to feel that way towards others. But it will not be acceptable to look at them differently because of their lifestyle.


I would tell Nina or whatever future kids I have that everyone is different. Some men love other men, or some women love other women, the same way that me and her daddy love each other. That some people love men and women. I would let them know that it's ok to like whatever you like, and that it doesn't matter if somebody likes/loves somebody else of the same gender or different gender, we're all people, and we all live here together, so it's best that we all get along and not judge one another.

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Moms, how to explain gays and lesbians to children
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