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Moms who work at home- what it takes

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Discipline. Commitment. Scheduling.
If your serious about working from home. You must treat it as such. Which means you have regular hours. and you schedule out your week every Sunday. you put in appointments. and if housework gets in the way. schedule it too. Plus you need to make sure your family understands your commitment


you also have to remember it's not an overnight thing. You aren't going to find a well-paying, full-time job that lets you work from home with the flexibility you want without working your way to it.


it's just been the last 5-8 years that I have worked from homeI don't think I'd make as much money outside the home to be honest.I've worked hard to get to the point I am at and would like to just increase my income or go back to being mom if my husband finds a better paying job.Being a bread winner can be stressful so can the decisions you find yourself wrestling with


Iullia, i have a little expirience working at home and I can say it's not a dream - it's just a work)). Still the same - but your hubby thinks you have alot of time for yourself...All people think so.


Sometimes working from home can be easy to say ooohhh well, the dishes need done, instead of working on your job. Definitely different personalities play a role and the ability to self-motivate.

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Moms who work at home- what it takes
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