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Moms, do you want to go back to college

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Well I'm not quite in college yet. I'm still in high school but when I graduate I plan to take a year to myself and babies. Then after the year I'll start college. I still don't know what I wanna major in but I've narrowed my decision's down. I know it'll be hard but I know the out come is so worth it


The plan used to be that I would go to college after a year "off" of School while I worked my job as the Breakfast Shift Server at Steak N Shake...that I would take digital arts classes and computer programs, and try to get a real job working on computers or game design...then Nina came along. Now I'm not sure.

We're thinkin of saving the 4 free years for Nina, if she wants to go to college, and if not, for our next child.


It all depends on what you go to school for. College is def not for everyone. I am currently going back to school and paying out of pocket for my associates in Graphic Design. In some ways, I wish I saved my money and signed up for memberships and continued being a self taught artist


Well, while I was pregnant with Pie I went to dental school, then while looking for a job got pregnant again lol. SO, while I was pregnant with Khydee I went for my associates in criminal justice and kind of figured it would end there, but once I finished my degree I realized I wanted to continue and get my bachelor's and it just so happens that I am pregnant again.

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Moms, do you want to go back to college
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