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I am an affiliate for Pine Oak Farm! Pine Oak Farm is a veteran owned, online boutique that offers a variety of home knick knacks and kitchen ware. Pine Oak Farm is a very new company, with a little less than 1500 reps! So, there is A LOT of opportunity to make sales! It’s FREE to join. You can make money with your sales and a percentage of their down-line sales. There is no commitment. You just need one sale a month of any amount to collect commissions on your down-line. We have a great team that helps each other out! Helping support The Wounded Warrior Program!



I am a work at home mom and I have several different jobs that I do. I work on Mturk doing what are called "hits" for play money. You can't pay your bills with this site, but it's great for some extra cash.

I also work on Elance doing freelance writing for different companies. I really enjoy this type of work and it definitely can at least partially pay your bills.

I am also working on my own website, mommathoughts.com which hasn't been financially lucrative but it has given me a ton of exprience which has been helpful in my freelance position.


I started a work from home job a while back and it was amazing! I was able to quit my 60/hr week job and go all in with my business. It's been awesome and I have an amazing team under me .....But, now that i have my 2nd child who is so so perfect, yet challenging, I've been unable to go out marketing like I've done before and have mainly used social media sites like fb.

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Are you a WAHM? What do you do?
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