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Waking a newborn for feeding: what's your rule?

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My new little one has already gained a pound and has been going about 4 hrs between feelings besides during her first growth spurt so now that she's 2 weeks I don't think I'll be waking her up anymore to feed her. I'll let her wake up on her own


my motto is never to wake a sleeping baby, but if baby didn't nurse very long then I'd wake them up to see if they'd nurse more, especially a newborn.


I always feed by baby cues and have never watched the clock. Babies know (and listen to their bodies) when they are hungry and will wake up. After four kids, I don't wake them up once they start sleeping for longer periods. Check on them every ten minutes? Guilty lol. But I take advantage to either catch up on sleep or housework.

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Waking a newborn for feeding: what's your rule?
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