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I want a happy little (or big, I'm not picky) family. I mean close with my parents, my in-laws... A happy, satisfied husband. Maybe a few rugrats crawling around. A house we can call our own and fill with books cuddle up and read on rainy days.

I want a healthy body, and I want to take care of it better. I want to eat good food (I love to cook) and learn all the ancient remedies and homeopathic ones and meditate and exercise and just have a calm, healthy body.


I don't want to seem too religious, but I want to do what God wants me to do. I want to know exactly what that is. I desire clarity and certainty. I want to live in a nice house, in another state, making good money. I want stability and happiness.


Luke Bryan,

Tim McGraw

Ian Somerholder

Ryan Goslinger


I desire my children to be happy, healthy, respectful, loving and useful human beings when all is said and done. I desire my children to love God and follow Him, but it is not my place to force my faith on them but I hope and pray they embrace it like I did at a young age (my parents were not even church goers!)

I also desire for us to get on more stable financial ground.

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Moms, what do you desire most
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