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Does your baby watch Baby Einstein

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I have read a ton of articles about the dangers of watching TV before the age of 2. My daughter is one and will glance at the TV when my son is watching it, or in the car I put a baby Einstein movie on for long trips. I think everything is ok if it's done in moderation.


My 7 month old loves Baby first TV. He likes it all, but absolutely loves "hide the acorn". He will giggle and smile the whole time they're on. But in the morning during my shower, he watches Baby Einstein.


When I went to visit my friends -in my home town last month- and show off Seth, they were all putting their babies in front of the TV.

Turning on Baby Einstein or even just letting their babies watch the shows they like such as 16 &pregnant.

If you end up watching him I would greatly appreciate that you respect my views and not put him in front of the TV.

I don't let Seth watch TV because his Pediatrician and Optometrist have recommended not to, and my friends do put their babies in front of the TV.

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Does your baby watch Baby Einstein
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