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Symptoms of water on the brain in a baby

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I have heard of this condition but still looked it up to see what it meant:

"Hydrocephalus is a brain condition that gets its name from the Greek word for water (meaning "hydro") and head (meaning "cephalus"). It occurs when cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) — the clear, water-like fluid that surrounds and cushions the brain and spinal cord — is unable to drain from the brain. It then pools, causing a backup of fluid in the skull."

Signs include:

- soft spots bulging
- a gap can be felt between skull bones
- head circumference grows fast in a short time period
- swollen veins that are recognizable to the naked eye
- downward cast of the eyes (called "sunsetting")

Depending on the severity of the condition, kids may also experience sleepiness, irritability, vomiting, and seizures. In extreme cases, a child may also experience "failure to thrive," meaning that he or she might miss growth or developmental milestones or may revert to earlier developmental stages.

Source: kidshealth.org

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Symptoms of water on the brain in a baby
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