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Moms, how often do you go grocery shopping

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I prefer to go once a month for a major shopping trip and buy in massive bulk. I cook a whole chicken or two, then make bone broth with the leftovers and make as many meals as I can. It comes out WAY cheaper. I'll still go back for cravings, fresh veggies, bread, eggs, and milk. (Though, you can freeze milk... I just generally don't have room)


I like to do once a month shopping at Azure Standard and Wallace Farms. When we can go, Costco (not currently members) and Mariano's, both of which are 40 minutes away so that's why we don't go very often. Then we probably go 2-3 times during the week to pick up fruit and miscellaneous items at our local grocery stores.


I love grocery shopping, and my favorite grocery store is Wegmans!

I actually have meal ingredients delivered through a website service called HelloFresh. I also have milk delivered from a local farm once a week, as we are big milk drinkers. I also have some things delivered on auto-ship from Amazon, so I only get to grocery shop in person once or twice a month.

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Moms, how often do you go grocery shopping
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