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How to deal with toddlers who cry for everything

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For instance, if you are grocery shopping and your child starts screaming and crying about something, look at them and say, "hey Billy can you grab that package of cookies off the shelf for me, I can't reach". Usually they will do it for two reason, one you asked them to help and toddlers like to help and two you said cookies. Right after they put that in the cart, quickly find the next thing on the list and as them to grab that. The busier you keep them, the more distracted they get and end up forgetting what they are upset about.

If you're at the park and your toddler starts crying and they are not hurt, try saying something like "I bet you can't catch me" and start walking away quickly. Once they catch you (let them catch you) you can say "Hey you got me!".

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How to deal with toddlers who cry for everything
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