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Do you use training pants for your toddler?

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When we were potty training, we used training pants, but not the pull-ups kind. To me, and to my daughter, pull-ups were just like diapers and I didn't think she was really going to understand that you can go potty in diapers, but not in pull-ups lol. They're the exact same thing with a different name. When we were ready to full-time potty train, we bought cloth training pants. During the day, she wore the cloth pants. At night, she wore the pull-ups until she started going each night without going potty. Then we switched to training pants all day and night. I think some parents buy the pull-ups because they don't want to have to clean up accidents. Cloth training pants are not as absorbent as pull-ups and if they go potty, it will go on the floor. But that's part of potty training. I didn't want to have to try to convince my daughter that pull-ups weren't diapers when they look and feel just like them lol. I knew potty training would take longer with pull-ups so we only used them at night.

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Do you use training pants for your toddler?
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