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Foods that help a toddler to gain weight

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I agree with Brande and Taylor. I had to add heavy cream to his milk when he needs extra calories. Lightly cover his vegetables (sweet potatoes or greens) with olive oil. Have him eat protein (eggs) and carbs (pasta) plus good high fatty foods. Such as peanut butter and avocados.


Cheese is great to help a toddler gain weight, assuming they don't have any milk allergies or lactose intolerance.

Other dairy products are also beneficial, like milk and greek yogurt. Full-fat greek yogurt is not only tasty, but packed with calcium and protein too.

Coconut oil mixed in just about anything or used to cook is a great source of good fat too. Also a great lotion and lip moisturizer for mama too.


- HEALTHY high calorie food. Avocados, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, quinoa, whole fat dairy, and olive oils are nutritious ways to add calories to your toddler's diet. Don't go stuffing them with McDonald's just to put on a few pounds...

- Don't panic! Be patient with your toddler. A child's stomach is only about the size of their fist. Even a half of a banana could fill them up


Unless your doctor has expressed a concern i wouldn't worry too much about trying to get your toddler to gain weight. Toddlers are really good at eating what they need when they need it. If there have been concerns, your doctor will probably refer you to a nutritionist or will give you a list of foods to help. I would focus on some healthy fats like avocado, eggs or beans.


My daughter will be two next month on the 12th and only weighs 20lbs. and she's so short so it makes her really tiny. She is so little her younger brother is almost heavier then her. The doctor said it's normal and she's healthy. She eats so much but never gains anything no matter what I give her.

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Foods that help a toddler to gain weight
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