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Wetting the bed at night at 3 years old

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Wetting the bed at 3 years old is very normal. Contrary to popular belief, you can't really potty train a child at night time. There are things you can do (like stopping liquids 2-3 hours before bedtime and having them use the toilet) to help reduce the chances but they have to be able to wake up out of a deep sleep when their bladder is full. If their brain doesn't get that signal, they're going to wet the bed.

Night time dryness usually takes a lot longer to master than day time dryness. I would put a couple layers of waterproof sheets and fitted sheets on their bed so you can strip off 1 layer during the night and have another one ready.

It also helped Henry to keep a small potty right by his door in case he had to pee during the night and he was too scared to go find the bathroom.

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Wetting the bed at night at 3 years old
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