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Toddlers not eating any vegetables: what can I do?

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Toddlers should be introduced to a variety of foods, especially vegetables and fruits. These should be introduced first, and when they get teeth, they should be soft. Offer a variety of vegetables. Toddlers go through stages of no I don't like this one day and the next they like it. If you give them fruit, then vegetables and mix it up they will learn what they like and what they don't like. As long as they get a balanced diet they will learn to like veggies on their own time.


You can also try pureeing them and putting them in any sort of sauce, some stronger smoothies, blended with applesauce to mask the flavor.

You can use avocados as an egg substitute in just about anything—cake, brownies, bread, meatloaf, whatever. Adds a little boost of nutrition and healthy fats great for brain development.


We offer dips (yogurt, salad dressing, peanut butter, etc).

We always tried to have salad and the little ones get the "crunchies" making it new and fun.

We cut the veggies into sticks, making them a finger food and easier to eat.

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Toddlers not eating any vegetables: what can I do?
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