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Morning sickness in pregnancy

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Its not fun at all . I had it with all 6 of mine and it seemed to get worse with each pregnancy. With my last I lost weight because I was so sick all the time . I really don't know why they call it morning sickness because I was sick all of the time . Mornings were the worst but it was all day . I threw up every day with the last three and was super sensitive to smells and certain foods made it worse .


I haven't had any morning sickness with any of my pregnancies including my current one. But everyone is different.


All four pregnancies, I started morning sickness early. I was 3 weeks when I started getting sick and sensitive to smells. I rolled it off to being a bug, but soon learned the truth


With my first pregnancy I couldn't even walk past the meat department at the grocery store without getting sick. I had such bad morning sickness with my first pregnancy that I went from 165 lbs down to 148 lbs in the first trimester.

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Morning sickness in pregnancy
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