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What babies can eat at 9 months

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Start giving them bit by bit of mashed fruits: fresh banana, avocado & ripe papaya. I gave them a little of Chicken soup too


At 9 months my doctor gave us the go ahead for our daughter to eat pretty much anything. The only exceptions were peanut butter, honey, and fish. I still will not give her any sweets. Her first "sweet" will be her birthday cake. At each meal I usually give her a 4oz bottle, half a jar of baby food, and table food of whatever we're eating. I try to cut it up into small bites to avoid choking.

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Baby checklist. Month 9
1. Baby has learned a new word! In addition to “mama” and “dada,” she says one other word like “hi,” “bye” or “no.”
What babies can eat at 9 months
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