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Should you call your mother in law 'Mom'?

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i do sometimes. we have a good relationship.


I do call my in-laws Mom&Dad, but I believe it depends on the relationship you have with them.....I never would have called my ex-husband's parents that!!


I married a man who has a different culture than myself. I used to call my mother-in-law by her first name or refer to her as my husband's mother. In my husband's culture doing this is very rude and disrespectful. I call my MIL "Mama" and I call my mom "Mom." I get along really well with my MIL. :)


I dont. i call my "MIL" Barbara (her name). She isnt my mother nor do I want her to be my mother. I dont even call my stepmother mom..I call her by her name, Sheri. I guess it depends on your situation. A lot of people think of it as respect. I just cant even get that world off of my tounge in speaking to her


I call her mom but I don't think I have to call her that.


NO!!! Most definitely NO I got one mother and I hate the fact my mother in law wanted my children to call her mom.. the last time I check they was growing in me and the only one going through the pain was me so Yeah I'm the only Mom!!!

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Should you call your mother in law 'Mom'?
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