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Mouth rash in toddlers: how to recognize thrush?

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One of the signs of thrush in babies is a “cottage cheese” appearance in the mouth. When you look inside your baby’s mouth, you’ll see white patches clinging to the tongue, cheeks and sometimes the lip tissue. These white patches are a sign of a yeast infection.

Since thrush can be painful for a baby, it may cause your baby to have difficulty swallowing. This will be apparent during feedings, especially if your baby becomes unusually fussy.

Since eating is also painful for a thrush-infected baby, this may cause a loss of appetite. If your baby fusses and refuses to eat, but shows signs of hunger, they may be having trouble with feedings due to a thrush infection.


The white in his mouth could be milk or a bit of spit up if he doesn't have a diaper rash. I know I though mine had thrush a few times but it ended up being just that milk or spit up.

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Mouth rash in toddlers: how to recognize thrush?
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