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What's the best home pregnancy test

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I like First Response (rapid results in 1 minute). This only shows 2 lines if you're pregnant and 1 line if you're not pregnant. The other one that I like is Clearblue (advanced digital pregnancy test). This test shows you the actual word "pregnant" or "not pregnant" and it also tells you how many weeks you might be. These tests might be a bit pricey $13-$15 but it's very accurate for me.

On a side note, if you have a flex spending account (depends on what insurance you have), you can purchase pregnancy test with that.


I used many different kinds when testing . For me I don't know if there was a best kind . I did like the first response ones because you could test a bit sooner and I never had any patience . I have heard it is best to use the ones with pink dye because the blue or purple can leave evaporation lines that may look like a positive line .

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Pretty sure that I tried every single available, including "Internet cheapies". I used to have a stash, literally. An 8x11 envelope FILLED with tests. The plan was to use the cheapies for the first test, and if it showed even a HINT, I would go to the next price range. By baby #3, I was using just First Response Early Result and then "confirmed" with a digital test. And of course, I took pictures and would share with my TTC friends for their "test eyes". I did not like the tests that used blue dye, so I did avoid those. They just seemed to always be blurry.

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I have tried the most expensive home pregnancy tests, however, more often than not my husband will pick up a couple Dollar store pregnancy tests. Dollar store pregnancy tests cost about $1 and even detects a pregnancy during those first few days after your period is due.

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What's the best home pregnancy test
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