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Tips for baby having trouble staying asleep at nap

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Sometimes Noah has this problem lately . We have a really good nap routine during the days but he has started to wake up once in awhile crying during his nap . He has been teething so I think that may be part of it and the heat maybe . Usually I will leave him for a few and see if he will settle himself back down . Sometimes he will just chat to himself and play and then fall back asleep . If he wont settle down I will go turn his shusher back on and give him his binky and usually that will work .


Charlie has no routine for naps yet. It's pretty much just when he decides to sleep, that's when he sleeps.

But if I know that him sleeping at a certain time will be better on a given day, I'll try to stretch out the awake time as much as I can. Wake him up a bit earlier in the morning, too. It makes for a harder time during the day but it all evens out when he finally does crash.

Consistency is good with naps. I don't let Charlie take a nap after 7pm because he goes to bed between 9pm and 10pm. So, I would say if your little one is having trouble staying asleep, try to make sure they're a bit more tired before putting them down. Also, get rid of anything too stimulating like toys or anything noisy.

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Tips for baby having trouble staying asleep at nap
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