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Decorating ideas for a twins baby room

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Oh I love playing pretend interior decorator!

In the beginning, twins can share a crib. Once they start getting bigger, you may want to separate them into different cribs so they can stretch out comfortable. Other nursery furniture can be shared such as a dresser and a changing table.

There are different themes you can choose based on your taste and style. If you want to go with a twin theme, you could use Dr. Seuss's Thing 1 and Thing 2 or Noah's Ark where the animals went 2 by 2.

You could use 2 different gender neutral or gender themed colors. For gender neutral themes, an underwater theme would be good with fish or anything with animals. Winnie the Pooh is often a popular gender neutral classic.

Whatever you decide, remember to start early (since twins are often born early) and babyproof.

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Decorating ideas for a twins baby room
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