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Tylenol for babies: possible side effects

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Tylenol for babies.. when used correctly is perfectly fine. You never ever want to be giving a baby something like Tylenol unless it is absolutely needed. Two cases in which Tylenol can be warrented would be post check up shots.. and teething. In both cases, babies are very prone to be sore, hurting, in somewhat pain and just feeling "rough" overall. Our doctor did stress not to give Monroe Tylenol "before" his shots, just so we don't have to deal with when he's hurting.. he said only use it when needed.. and I like that approach, and we did that. We haven't crossed the teething bridge yet. but once again, you never ever want to over use it. Tylenol can definitely help ease a baby's pain, but it will also make them rather sleepy!

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Tylenol for babies: possible side effects
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