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When am I fertile?

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My cycle is normal. Besides, I have been paying very closely to when I ovulate. Ik I am very wet when I am fertile and/or ovulating. So my Fiancé and I have sex everyday during that week.


From the 1st day of your period start counting 9 to 13 days.That's how I planned my son.All ovulation kits while tell you the same.


You are most fertile when you ovulate. Your hormones, which in turn can be affected by stress, can also affect other aspects of your fertility such as your vaginal pH, and the consistency and position of your cervical fluid. These hormones can also affect your libido, which can play a factor in becoming pregnant.


Your period shouldn't go off-track when you are ovulating. There are at home ovulation kits you can purchase or if you track your cycle. There are even some apps that will let you know when you are.

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When am I fertile?
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