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How to tell when I am ovulating

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There's lots of ways a woman can tell when she is ovulating. When I am ovulating, I can take an ovulation predictor test that will show up positive. I can also check my cervical mucus and position for egg-white cervical mucus and a soft, high, open, wet cervix. I may experience a spike in my libido and and a rise in my basal body temperature too.


Haha weird enough and probably TMI I am ovulating now. I can always tell. I get the same thing and always get a spike in my sex drive when its going on. That's how I know when to expect my period each month without actually tracking.


I had a ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor that I used for my first pregnancy. I loved it. I credit it with becoming pregnant that first time.

I didn't have cycles some months and it was very sporadic when I would. It was impossible for me to figure out my ovulation times without some help.

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How to tell when I am ovulating
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