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When babies sleep through the night: how long?

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Ah! Night time sleep... It can be a lovely thing!! Monroe is now up to 10 - 12 hours.. Woo!!! We can lay him down at 8pm and he will easily sleep until 7am! That being said, he is not much of a napper, but that is fine by me if he's going to sleep through the night! We also just transitioned him to his crib and other than a few bits of help to keep him falling back asleep, he's doing so great! He's 6 months and before this he mainly co slept with us.. So I crossing my fingers he is loving that crib and continues to!!


My daughter slept through the night when she was 5 weeks old! She would sleep anywhere between 6-8 hours and even up to 10 hours some nights! She has been pretty consistent with this routine until today at 9 1/2 months. When she is teething, sick or going through a growth spurt, she will wake up a few times during the night.


My baby is not on a schedule. I allow her to dictate when she sleeps and when she wakes up unless I need to wake her per doctors orders for some reason. She has recently started to sleep through the night on her own most nights. Usually around 9 or 10 pm she has a small bottle, then about half an hour after the first she has another small one. After that, usually between 11pm and midnight, she goes into her co-sleeper, swaddled, and sleeps through the night. If she wakes up it is usually around 4am. If she sleeps in, she usually wakes up between 7-10am.


When E was a newborn, she woke up every 2 hours or we would wake her up to feed her. E had trouble in the beginning because she didn't want to eat. Then as she got older, we would let her sleep. We would keep the room quiet and dark when she was eating so that she would just barely wake up.

Even once you get a baby to sleep through the night, there are nights it just won't happen. Teething...growth spurts... nightmares, etc.... might wake them up and they may need the comfort of their mommy or daddy.


My son just turned 1 and still gets up several times during the night. He takes his sippy cup and goes back to sleep. I can't give him a pacifier because he won't take it and because he got a whole pacifier stuck inside his mouth so I'm not chancing it again. I have tried giving him a bath a hour before bed time each night to try to calm him down. And nothing seems to be working.


In my own personal experience, Monroe finally started sleeping through the night once he didn't need "nighttime" calories anymore. He was tiny when he was born, so he actually needed to eat throughout the night longer than most babies.. but that was fine with us :) Right at 4 months old, the day of his 4 month Birthday.. he slept through the night and has ever since! Hooray! His doctor thought it was great news and said it was a sure sign that his body was catching up growing wise.. which he was SUPER happy about :) Now that he sleeps through.. he typically goes to bed around 8pm 8:30pm.. and doesn't wake until 7:30am.. or even 8:30am a time or two! Keep in mind, he doesn't nap much during the day.. he is a "cat napper", but I say, whatever helps him snooze away at night.. I will take it! :)

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When babies sleep through the night: how long?
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